Welcome to the School of Philosophy Croydon & Bromley

An exploration of Mindful Living, Wisdom and Happiness

Response to Covid-19 Outbreak

As a response to the Covid-19 outbreak we have closed the building where we normally hold our meetings. All courses have now moved online. This enables students to continue with their studies while observing government guidelines on social distancing.

Introductory Practical Philosophy Courses

The School has decided to make our Introductory Course free and has moved it online. It will be done over the Zoom video conferencing application and so will remain highly interactive. The Summer term introductory courses are now over subscribed and the next introductory courses will take place in the Autumn term starting in September. You can register your interest in these courses by emailing us on philosincroydon@gmail.com. We will then let you know when booking for these courses commences.

These courses draw on the great philosophical ideas of east and west to examine their influences on our lives and show the way to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

They give guidance on the practice of mindful living in daily life and on how to test the ideas presented during each session in our own experience. The approach is practical rather than academic, and no prior knowledge is needed. More detail can be found here, and you can see students talking about the courses here.

Stillness & Meditation Courses

There is a great need in modern life to find rest and experience stillness. The courses, activities and events we offer are all designed to bring a deeper understanding of these areas of life.

See our Stillness and Meditation Page for more details.